Incorporating Your Dog Into Your Wedding 

We all know someone that is obsessed with their dog. And when it’s time for them to get married, the most important member in the party is their fur baby! If you are one of these people, your four-legged BFF must be present at your wedding to make it truly special.

First of all, you have to make sure your wedding venue allows you to bring your dog. But also, more importantly, that your dog is okay being surrounded by tons of people and loud music. They also have unique personalities and can be uncomfortable in some situations. We want to keep them safe and comfortable at all times!

 Some ideas to incorporate your dog into your wedding are:

1.     Dress them up for the occasion and let them stand at the altar.

2.     Take your couple’s photos with them.

3.     Ask your photographer to include them in your getting ready photos.

4.     Hang a sign around their neck like “Here comes the Bride” and let them walk down the aisle.

5.     If you REALLY trust them, give them a little basket or pouch with the rings so they can bring them to you when it’s time to exchange rings.

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