Indian Wedding Terminology


Have you ever come across terms in an Indian wedding not knowing what they mean? Here is a mini glossary that will help you understand the meaning of various terms :


Aarti – A Hindu ritual of worship where a prayer is accompanied by fire from candles,camphor or a Diya ( lamp with an oil soaked wick).


Antarpaat – Piece of cloth (curtain) that separates the bride and groom at the beginning of a Hindu wedding ceremony.


Baraat – A groom’s procession


Garba – A pre-wedding ceremony where everyone gathers to perform Garba – a folk dance that originates from Gujarat.


Grahapravesh – The first time the newly wed couple enters their house


Haldi – A pre-wedding ceremony where a paste known as Ubtan containing turmeric, herbs and chandan (sandalwood) is applied on the face, arms and feet of the bride and groom in their respective homes.


Havan Kund – A vessel in which fire is lit for Puja (Prayer). A Vivaah Havan is the sacred fire around which a wedding takes place.


Kanyadaan – A ritual in which the father of the bride hands over all his rights and duties towards his daughter to her prospective Groom.


Milni – Ritual where the bride’s family welcomes the groom’s family.


Varmala / Jaimala – Wedding garlands exchanged by the Bride and Groom.


Mangalsutra – Sacred necklace that the groom ties around the bride’s neck signifying their marriage.


Sangeet – A pre-wedding ceremony originating from Punjab where everyone gathers to sing traditional folk songs.


Sindoor – Vermillion applied along the parting (Maang) of a married woman’s hair.


Vidaai – The departure of the bride from her home to her husband’s home.