Insurance for your Wedding

In our society it is common to get auto and home insurance. These are large investments that need to be protected against accidents and natural disasters. The same should be applied to your wedding. Wedding insurance is very common and most couples purchase it to protect their investment. We all know weddings are an investment. A lot of time, effort and money go into planning a wedding and it should be protected as much as possible. When purchasing insurance you should get general liability insurance as well as any additional policies that may affect your event, such as flood insurance. Normally the type of wedding you are having and the time of year can suggest what type of insurance you may need. Always ask your venue if they require any additional insurance and make sure your vendors are insured, otherwise you may have to add them onto your insurance.

The cost is nominal and compared to peace of mind, it is priceless. The average 1,000,000 policy starts around $200.00. Some providers offer cancellation policies which cover cancellation or postponement, lost deposits, no show vendors and more, check with the provider. Do make sure you read the fine print as normally a cancellation due to a broken heart is not covered.

Here are some providers we recommend:

Wed Safe

Protect My Wedding via Travelers Insurance

Wed Sure


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