Invitations from the US vs. India

South Asian weddings held in the States are becoming increasingly modern – the infusion of American culture and traditions are evident in everything from the bouquet held by the bride as she walks down the isle to the Mandap, to the coordinated outfits of the groomsmen. While brides take an effort to modernize every tradition – they often forget about the first public element of their wedding – the invitation!

The invitation is more than just a piece of paper that lists the details of when and where the events will take place. Addressing this very same topic on their blog, the ZOYA Couture design team states that invitations are a way to communicate the true “emotion, style, and essence of the event”.

I love the modern designs! One reason we like ZOYA Couture is that it very easily incorporates religious motifs and other traditional sketches into modern invitation designs. The stationery stands out for its superior quality as they work exclusively on Italian papers and offer innovative packaging including belly bands, book formats, wine boxes, and more.

For brides who have already ordered their invitations – we also recommend them for wedding day materials including menu cards, programs, table numbers, and fun details such as signature cocktails signage!


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