iPhone is the new mobile wedding planner??

Jay sent me this very interesting article he read in The NY Daily News and
by Meredith Blake … I still don’t know if this takes the place of an experienced wedding planner….


If the phrase “wedding apps” makes you think of shrimp cocktail, you have some catching up to do. As the iPhone slowly takes over the country, savvy software developers have created applications – “apps” – that run the gamut from fun to functional. Their latest target: brides-to-be.

This makes perfect sense, says Michelle Panzer of Brides magazine, because brides have their work cut out for them, especially when they’re on the go. “I can’t think of a better app consumer than a woman who’s about to get married. Brides have a deadline and they have a purpose. It’s the perfect match of a technology and a consumer who has a sense of immediacy.”

That urgency has taken its toll on the bridal magazine industry. Just this past week, Modern Bride and Elegant Bride shut down, leaving editors and future brides to reconsider how – and how – quickly they will get their wedding information.

One solution is already on deck.

On Monday, Brides magazine launches its first application for the iPhone, called Brides Dressing Room.

“We wanted to introduce a fashion app into the market,” says Brett Gardner, the app’s designer. “This app closes the loop between the boutiques and the brides.”

Dressing Room is an archive of hundreds of wedding and bridesmaid dresses, searchable through criteria such as length, silhouette, neckline and plus-size availability. Users can send images of the dress to friends (even those without iPhones) for feedback, and they also can use the app to find and make appointments with local boutiques carrying the dress, all at the proverbial touch of a button.

Brides’ Dressing Room is just one of a slew of new apps cranked out for prenewlyweds. While you can’t get hitched on your iPhone yet, you can practically plan everything else.

For the Type-A Bride

The mother of all bridal apps, iWedding is a digital planner that helps brides keep track of everything on their to-do list, from seating arrangements and vendor payments to ceremony timing. $7.99

For the Voyeuristic Bride

Whether you’re a bride-to-be looking for inspiration, or just enjoy looking at pictures of other people’s weddings, Wedding Envi is the app for you. Users can scroll through hundreds of Web-based wedding pictures, including flowers, dresses and honeymoons. The images also include original links, so if you find a dress you like, you’ll know where to find it. $1.99

For the Groom

Okay, Wedding Day is not technically just for the groom, but this simple application will ensure that as long as your hubby’s phone is charged, he has no excuse for forgetting your anniversary. This application counts down the exact number of days, hours and minutes until and since your big day. For globetrotters concerned about precision, it even switches time zones. 99 cents

For the Panicked Bride

Bridal Web site TheKnot.com has developed an app called Wedding911, that works as a sounding board for brides in crisis. The app includes an archive of the site’s most popular “Ask Carley” advice columns, and it also lets brides post their own urgent questions and get answers from other brides. FREE

For the Bride with a Ticking Biological Clock

A fun but not all that useful app is the Babyface. After users enter a list of 21 facial traits from each parent (who knew there were so many?), this app predicts what your baby will look like, based on scientific theories of dominant and recessive traits, even providing a handy full-color images of your hypothetical offspring. A recent update allows the baby to make raspberry noises, too. It’s never too early to freak out your groom! $1.99

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/lifestyle/weddings/2009/10/11/2009-10-11_new_downloads_are_turning_the_iphone_into_a_mobile_wedding_planner_.html#ixzz0TmVagYNn

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