Keep Cool


With the summer already in full swing, outdoor weddings are very popular right now. However with sunny days also comes lots of heat. If you are saying your “I do’s” outside, you need to make sure your guests are hydrated and comfortable.

Here are a few suggestions on how to keep your guests cool:

Mister Fans
These are great for those steamy summer days. Make sure to work with your decorator to come up with an idea on how to hide them as they are not that appealing to the eye.

Parasoles are always a fun addition. They can add a pop of color and guests always love to keep them as a little memento from the big day.

Fan Programs
Double your programs as fans; this is a simple way to keep your guests cool.

It is very important to stay hydrated when outside for long periods of time. Have a water station or pass around personalized water bottles.

Cold Towels
The last thing you want is to have your guests sweating in their fancy outfits. Keep cold towels around so they can keep refreshing themselves throughout the event.

If you are having a long ceremony, it’s nice to give your guests a little treat. This way they won’t be starving and thinking about their next meal. Consider offering parfaits, and display them in fun champagne glasses.

Shading is one of the most important things when having an outside wedding. If there is nothing to shield your guests from the sun, they will end up leaving! Work with your decorator to come up with a nice idea that will work with your décor. Canopies made of sheer fabric are always a great option and very clean and crisp.

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