Let The Colors Speak

When it comes to your wedding, yes, you do want to focus on your nails. Not only does it complete your wedding look but your nails are in almost every single wedding photo. And because photographers will capture the memories that will last a life time, your nails have to be perfect

Our suggestions to you :
Deep-Red BloomsWhat’s better than a Deep-red nail polish to accompany your roses!

Gold and Cream

Nude polish tones are a sophisticated, modern way to set off these bright saris !

Good to know: The deeper the color, the shorter the nail, so if you love your length, go with sheer pink, cream, or champagne. !

Delicious in Pink.

In the summer, why not try an electric pink to give a pop to your dress !

Last but not least !

The french manicure : a classic you can trust whenever you want !

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