Lights, Camera, Engagement Shoot!

An engagement is an exciting time: planning the party of your life, preparing for a life with your best friend, and everyone close to you can’t stop talking about you getting married.  The engagement shoot brings the reality of you getting married to an entirely new level of anticipation.  There are several reasons more to why you should have an engagement shoot:

  1. An engagement shoot allows the couple to get to know their photographer. The photographer learns what type of lighting you look best in, and what you feel comfortable with before your wedding day.
  2. This is a great time to learn how to take pictures with another person.  Not many people just take pictures with one other person and this allows you to learn how to pose together.
  3. During the engagement shoot, the photographer will direct you, this is a perfect time to learn what those directions mean. The photographer might tell you to find the light, tilt your face, etc.  What do these directions mean?  Once you understand the directions your pictures will go more quickly and your wedding day photos will be flawless.
  4. Brides can get their trial hair and makeup done for the engagement shoot and see how it translates in the pictures.  The wedding day shots are lifetime memories that a couple will want to cherish, the trial hair and makeup will help gurantee that your wedding day photos will look spectacular.
  5. Lastly, this is a great time to see the photographers style, look at pictures of  yourself, and prepare for your big day.  Find your good side!

All of these reasons insure that your wedding day photos will go quite smoothly and you will look spectacular in every frame.  Once you look at the pictures from your engagement shoot your excitement for you special day will multiply!

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