Local Vendors vs. Bringing your Own

I’ve done a lot of destination weddings over the years. One of the biggest questions I get when planning from the brides is whether to hire local vendors from their destination or bring their own. While most people would assume hiring local ones are easier and less expensive, it can actually be the opposite. I would recommend bringing your own vendors for the following reasons:

  • You get a chance to meet the vendors face to face in the process of planning your wedding, and have more interaction with them and can see their work/references. If you are planning a destination wedding, you might not necessarily get a lot of time alone with a vendor who is abroad.
  • Having a familiar face in an unfamiliar setting lets you be more assured that everything will run smoothly. If you hire someone local that you hardly know, you might not have this feeling on your wedding day.
  • Some local vendors actually might overcharge you if you are out of country. They might put extra unknown charges on you because they know you are in their area and might not have a choice. It is important to be wary of this.
  • When it comes to services like photography and video, if you hire someone from your own area, you will get your items sooner. If you hire someone local, you run the risk of waiting longer to get these items, especially if you are out of the country

You should consider bringing your own vendors so you have a chance to know them better and can feel more at ease on your wedding day. Just because someone is local, does not necessarily mean they are the better choice for your events. Bringing vendors that you know well and trust will ensure that your destination wedding will be a success!

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