Long Distance Planners

I read this interesting article about hiring a local planner for a destination wedding. Since sometimes the expense prevents brides from hiring us, I felt this to be a good guide. When you live in a different country or even state than where you will be getting married it is important to follow a few steps while searching for a wedding planner.

1. Get referrals and recommendations

2. See who is on hotels or banquet halls wedding vendor guides. If they are, ask the staff how well they do while running the events in their establishment.

3. Research! Get in touch with the region’s local chapter of the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC). This organization will lead you to professional planners with degrees and a hefty experience level.

4.  Ask the local planner questions about local vendors to see if they really do have experience and how many vendors are actually local vs. you having to fly in vendors.

5. Talk to past clients of the planner, especially those who are international; Ask the clients how often they communicated with the planner and what was the turn around time for the planner’s response.

Ultimately, it may make sense to hire a local planner but make sure to do the research and the questions are answered

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