Lower Room Rates

I woke up this morning and got the shock of my life!

We have been trying and trying and trying to get one of our brides a great deal on her hotel and FINALLY, I got this email:

Dear Sonal,

I hope this e-mail finds you both doing well. I wasn’t sure if you’d already signed a contract elsewhere, but I am super excited to say that Maggie and I worked our magic on your behalf and were able to ultimately secure the $79.00 rate that was requested…it just took a little gentle persuasion ;-).

I love it. This bride went from a $95 rate to $79! I am so happy for the bride and so thankful for to the hotel! It is such a good feeling to help brides save money! God know how hard we all work. What great news! Total savings $16 x 100room nights x 2 nights (Fri & Sat)= $3200!!! Love it!

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