Luxury Event Planning at Your Fingertips

What is PartySlate?

 PartySlate serves as your one stop shop for an absolutely fabulous event. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, fundraiser, etc… this is the ultimate luxury planning website there is. It is also easy to connect with top industry professionals as you can reach out to them about their work from PartySlate. On every other website, you have to read reviews, view a few photos, if available, and hope their work is as good as stated. PartySlate has completed all of this work for you.

Why we love PartySlate?

  • With PartySlate, you already know these professionals are among the best of the best, the search ends here.
  • This website is full of the latest luxury event trends to ensure your event is not to be forgotten.
  • They lead, everyone else follows…

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