“Maid” of Honor

Hi Sonal,

I just came across your website and wish I had done so months ago! I just finished helping my sister with her wedding and the entire experience has made me want to elope!!!! There are so many details and, although I thought I was fully capable of handling them all myself, when it came time for the wedding, I was a mess. Although things turned out relatively well, I was very sad (although I didn’t show it) that I missed so many precious moments (including the entire cocktail reception) because I was too busy running around making sure everything was in order (Dj had the right order, music, slideshow, speeches). Now I understand why people hire you! So that they can actually ENJOY the wedding themselves!!! I love my sister and was more than happy to do this for her, but if I had to do things over, I would have insisted she hired a wedding planner…and after reviewing your work…I would have insisted she hired you!

If I am ever lucky enough to walk down the aisle…you’re hired! I have read so much about you and the testimonials on your site show how much you care about your brides.

-Allison, a.k.a. “MAID” of Honor (now I know why they call it that!)

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