Managing Your Guest List and What A Wedding Can Really Cost You

It would be lovely to have the availability to invite everyone you know to your wedding.  From that coworker that you barely know to distantly related cousins and their plus ones.  For most, there are budget restrictions, people we don’t particularly care to include, space restrictions at your venue, and other possible limitations.It isn’t fun to cut people from your dream-wedding list, but sometimes it just has to be done. Here is some advice on how to handle this situation:

When making your guest list, you should organize it into priority groups.  The first priority could include your immediate family, significant others of the groomsmen and bridal party, and close friends.  The second priority could be your extended family, coworkers and acquaintances, and friends and colleagues of your parents.  Your different groups may look varied depending on who is most important for you to spend your special day with.

If cuts become necessary, make them group-by-group, this way you aren’t inviting some of your coworkers but not others, or some third cousins and not others.  Also, always keep in mind when you are making your list that some of your guests will decline your invitation.

No matter what the number ends up being, make sure that all the guests are those who you want there, and that will help to make your wedding much more special.

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