Meaning of Flowers

Have you ever wondered what was the meaning of each flower? Here is your answer!

•Calla Lily – Magnificent beauty
•Pink Carnation – Boldness
•Red Carnation – Love
•White Carnation – Talent
•Chrysanthemum – Wealth, abundance and truth
•Daffodil – Regard
•Daisy – Share your feelings
•Delphinium – Swiftness, lightness
•Freesia – Innocence
•Gardenia – Purity, joy
•Hydrangea – Understanding
•Iris – A message of faith, wisdom
•Lilac – Love’s first emotions
•Lily – Majesty, truth, honor
•Lily of the Valley – Happiness
•Magnolia – Love of nature
•Orchid Love, beauty
•Peony – Bashfulness, the spirit of ambition and determination
•Rose – Love, joy, beauty
•Stephanotis – Marital happiness
•Stock – Lasting beauty
•Sunflower – Short stemmed mean adoration
•Sunflower – Long stemmed haughtiness
•Sweet – Pea Pleasure
•Tulip – Love, passion

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