Men’s Indian Fashion: What’s New & Looks Great

Fashion always plays a big part of any wedding, but especially an Indian one. Many of our clients travel many distances to find the perfect outfit for there special day. One would think that fashion is only important to the bride, but you would be surprised how many groom’s are also into the latest trends.


Here are some of the latest trends in Indian Fashion for all you fashionable gentlemen straight from India GQ!



“Zardozi, Gota work, Resham and Dori and Pearl embroidery are very traditional and always in style. Trellising, a texturing technique for fabric is also used a lot. This season the dhoti is an extremely chic option and so comfortable!” says Master couturier Tarun Tahiliani


Dress according to size

Short: Avoid a very long achkan, it should end just below the knees. Go for monochromatic colours; if you are wearing a black top then wear a black bottom as well to give height. Wear asafa and pre-pleated stoles with a slight heel.

Tall and well-built: You lucked out. Almost everything looks good on you but ensure your garments are fitted in a way that highlights the shoulders and chest. Also select a piece that highlights the embroidery on the garment. Maybe wear a kamar bandh.


Skinny: Stay away from dark colours. Choose lighter-coloured garments like beiges, ivories and creams that should not be completely fitted but have a good shape.



There are very few acceptable ways for men to wear jewellery – dressing for a wedding, however, is one of them. Whether you’re the groom, the drunk cousin or the single friend hoping to score, you can anchor your look with some solid accessories. A fine, gleaming pair of cufflinks or a slightly more ethnic brooch on a dark bandhgala is just the right amount of bling, that says you’re gentlemanly, stylish and do rather well for yourself.


Tahiliani advocates going all out with traditional accessories, “safa, kamar bandh, tanni, sarpech, heavy pearls or emerald necklaces, matching embroidered juttisJamevar stoles – a groom’s outfit can be just as exciting as the bride’s.”


Experiment with modernity

Don’t just stick to a classic sherwani, experiment with modern cuts and mix the traditional with the classy. “Try a bandh gala with dhoti or jodhpuri trousers, a short sherwani with Swarovski buttons, or a Nehru jacket can be quilted and worn with a shirt and trousers.”


Follow these trends and no matter what part you play in the wedding, you will be sure to stand out!

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