Movie Under the Stars

Destination weddings are becoming more popular. A great way to entertain your guests (of all ages) is to have a movie night either on the beach or pool-side.
When planning a movie night, some things to keep in mind are:

– Does the venue have outlets by the pool or beach?

– What surface will the projector be placed on?

– The placement of the projector determines how the movie will be projected
– Movies can be projected either from the front or back of the screen

A 7 feet x 12 feet screen is suggested for an audience of about 150 guests. You will need a projector and a DVD player to connect to the projector and the appropriate connection cords. The estimated cost is approximately $3,500 and up. You may be able save some money by setting up the equipment yourself.

To really make this feel like a movie night, you can set up a cute concession stand with theatre popcorn and candy for your guests to enjoy. There are endless ways to watch a great flick under a starry night.

A movie night is a great way for your guests to get out of their rooms, meet each other, and enjoy a relaxing night before an event filled weekend!

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