Must-Have’s For Your Wedding Hangover Kit

After a great wedding there is always the risk of a not so great hangover. Thankfully, couple’s always have their guests in mind so they plan even for the after party!

Hangover Kits can be personalized with the wedding’s theme and/or couple’s logo so they are cohesive with everything else guests have seen and received.

Usually, you might find water, pain relievers, something for an upset stomach and an immune support drink or supplement. But if you want to take your Hangover Kit to a new level, these are the items that you must add!

Here are the Hangover Kit Must-Haves divided by need:


              • Cozy Socks
              • Soft Foam Earplugs
              • Silk Sleep Mask
              • Pillow Spray

Eat and Drink:

              • Cookies
              • Granola Bars
              • Custom Labelled Water Bottles
              • Coconut Water
              • Green Tea
              • Coffee Gift Card

Hydration and Immune Support:

              • Vitamin C
              • Hydration Drink
              • Hangover Patch

Pain Relief:

              • Headache Medicine
              • Upset Stomach Medicine
              • Band-Aids


              • Vaselina
              • Dry Shampoo
              • Makeup Remover Wipes
              • Face Mask Facial

Personal Hygiene:

              • Hand Sanitizer
              • Breath Strips
              • Underarm Wipes
              • Flushable Wipes

Stain Removal:

              • Emergency Stain Rescue

Special Add-ons:

              • Flip Flops
              • Personalized Tote
              • Painless Hair-ties
              • Sunglasses

When nothing else works:

Bubbly for hair of the dog!

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