Name Change

Well, yes, I have been busy with brides and now that wedding season is here, I am writing less and less in our blog. I do come across info that I find helpful not just for me if brides ask me but also for brides across the country.

So, here is some great info on NAME CHANGE.

The easiest way if you decide to change your name is to apply for the name change at the same time you apply for your marriage license. It will save you extra paperwork, time and money.

Be sure to notify:
*Social Security Administration
*Motor Vehicles, you need to go there personal….bring your marriage license & Social Security Card
*Car Registration
*Car Insurance
*Voter Registration
*Passport (after your honeymoon)
*Checks and Checking Accounts
*Savings Accounts
*IRAs and CDs
*Credit Cards
*Safe Deposit Box
*Stocks & Bonds
*Life Insurance Policy
*Health Insurance
*Homeowner’s Insurance
*Property Titles
*School Registration
*Professional Information
*Employee Records
*Magazine Subsrciptions
*Notify Post Office

This is the long and short of changing your name. I wish I had a list like this when I got married.. but then, I was a Shah before marriage and a Shah after marriage so I got lucky=)

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