New Color Scheme Ideas

Many brides our have been asking for advice on new color schemes. Here’s Sonal’s guide to new color combinations for different events.

Color schemes for Mehndi
The color themes for Mehndi which have been done over and over again are Peacock and Moroccan, so they are out. Try these combinations instead, they are more elegant and certainly more unique for a Mehndi event.

Chocolate Brown and Pink
Chocolate Brown and Emerald Green
Chocolate Brown and Red
Chocolate Brown and Fushia

Color schemes for Garba
The color combinations which most brides use Garba are traditional bright colors like red, green and yellow. For Garba you can try these color combinations that are still bright and cheery but something different from the norm.

Pink and Lime Green
Pink and Red
Pink and Orange
Pink and Bright Blue


Color schemes for Wedding
Instead of the traditional Red and Gold, try a neutral color pallet. It’s definitely a step from the norm. These colors bring a sense of sober sophistication to any wedding.

White and Pink
White and Grass Green
White and Cream
White and Gold
White and Sky Blue with lots of crystals


Color schemes for Reception
The trend is to explore new colors which are very chic and cosmopolitan. Adding lots of crystals and candles will complete the image.

White and Blue
White and Cream
White and Silver
White and Gold and Silver
White with bubbles, clear accessories and crystals

When you start thinking of color schemes for each event, think outside the box. Hope these ideas help make our wedding planning experience a little bit easier.

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