New Color Schemes

With an Indian Wedding, almost all of our clients want to do new color schemes instead of the traditional Indian colors of burgundy and gold or red and gold. For the ceremony, it is ok to go with other colors! We have been telling our brides to take a fresh approach to color. I mean, come on, how many Indian Weddings have you been to where the colors are Red and Gold?

In recent months, especially with Fall just around the corner, we have been recommending colors that are more daring. Hear are some ideas:

Rust orange and gold
Bright orange and brick
Hot pink and light pink ( my personal favorite)
Yellow and Fuchsia with accents of gold (looks stunning outdoors)

For the reception, you can really go wild with color. For example:
We love the peacock color scheme of teal and royal blue
Orange and grey was one I read about in Bride’s Magazine
Aubergine (purple) and teal with gold is very dramatic
Light pink with royal blue is another

I always hear from our brides, “I want my wedding to be unique”. The best way to do this is to stay away from color schemes that are used by the majority. Be creative and take a chance on color. Remember to get a great lighting company to help you create a magnificiant overall color in the room. Your guests will walk in and be amazed! Isn’t that what we all want?

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