New Movie– Bridal Wars

Like any wedding obsessed person, I love movies about weddings. Some of my favorite movies are Father or the Bride, The Wedding Singer, The Wedding Planner, etc. I cannot wait to see the movie Bridal Wars, a movie about best friends that choose the same wedding date and the tension between them. This is every bride’s nightmare.

It has two of my favorites… Anne Hathaway (who did not love THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA?… I only saw it 30 times!!)and Kate Hudson. I think we are all going to see it together, which should be fun!

The Knot is even taking part of it and having a premier in certain cities. Everyone should go see the movie, and if you’re at The Knot premier look out for Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants watermelon chapstick and notepads. It opens January 2009!

A movie about brides, New York and The Plaza Hotel… it’s like my dream come true.. I cannot wait!!

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