Nikah through Video-Conferencing

I found this article so interesting of how technology brings weddings so much closer.
I had to laugh at this but I guess anything is possible…

Times of India:

The groom appeared on a laptop screen to say “qubool hai” (I accept) from far away Dubai at a Muslim wedding solemnised here – a sure sign how high technology is spreading fast among people.

The ‘nikah’ was performed through video-conferencing in the walled city of Lucknow Thursday evening with the ‘moulvi’ declaring that the marriage had been solemnised after the groom said ‘yes’.

The bride had already given her affirmative “qubool hai” before a web camera.

After the moulvi declared the Nikah solemnised, it was followed by “mubarak ho” congratulatory calls from the friends and relatives gathered at the bride’s home.

High priest Maulana Hamidul Hasan said: “This was the first nikah I have performed through video-conferencing. I am myself impressed by the procedure. It makes the task so much easier.

“I think this is a step beyond and better than the telephonic Nikah as one is now able to see the person with whom one is getting married,”
Both the bride and groom were well accomplished.

Asked what prompted the family to go for a video-conferencing Nikah, Aliza’s father, said: “Well, my daughter was engaged to Alishan about a month ago and we had fixed the marriage for December. However, with visa formalities likely to take longer than usual, our son-in-law suggested this. Just see, how well it has worked out!”

He said: “Initially it appeared strange that a Nikah was being performed without the groom being present at the venue. But soon everyone realised what a unique and wonderful way it was to tie the nuptial knot.”

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