A Note from one of our New Brides

It is so nice to get notes like this from our brides. It makes our job so worthwhile to know that we do make a difference:

When we first decided to use a wedding planner, our main goal was to have someone work with us to create a unique and exciting wedding that no one would ever forget. To work with Sonal was our top pick from Day 1 and after interviewing several companies, the clear winner was SJS Event Consultants. In the short time I have worked with Sonal and her staff, I have been truly impressed with their attention to detail and the time and effort they put in coming up with innovative ideas. And there’s an added bonus working with them….they save you money!!! I was so impressed with Sonal’s negotiating skills and how well she has been able to communicate with vendors on our behalf. It is all because of Sonal that we are able to plan our wedding at our dream venue…in just 2 short weeks of negotiating with the hotel, Sonal has saved us almost $40,000 in expenses that we would have otherwise had to pay. While SJS Consultants definitely focuses on giving you a quality event, it is obvious they also go the extra step of saving you money at the same time!!!
— Rachana

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