NYC Bridal Boot Camp

When getting ready for your big day, we know that you want to look nothing but your best! Many brides hire a personal trainer and put their workout schedules on overdrive as they want to look perfect for their wedding. Enter the NYC Bridal Boot Camp, a program started by trainer Terri Walsh.

Terri will design a custom fitness program just for you, based on your needs, history and physical experience. The program offers you the luxury of working out privately and at a time that works best for you. Terri has also created an online fitness program manager that will help keep you on track. We suggest contacting Terri at least 12 weeks before your wedding to schedule a consultation. The consultation is necessary to evaluate and prescribe your exact program.

Here are some helpful tips from fitness and nutrition experts:
· Exercise three to four times per week
· Strive to always keep abs in and lifted
· Eat breakfast every day
· Have a mini snack one or two times each day
· Reduce or eliminate coffee and diet soda
· If you need a sweetener, use Splenda

What Foods To Eat:
· Lean proteins: seafood, poultry, good-quality dairy (yogurt and
peasant cheeses like feta and mozzarella), legumes, and beans.
A little lamb or red meat is fine, but not too much.
· Carbs: rice, corn, multigrain cereals like Kashi GOLEAN, quinoa, couscous,
tabouleh, squash, yams, rice crackers like Pamela’s Lemon Shortbread
· Vegetables: every vegetable on Earth, raw or cooked.
· Fruits: berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), cherries,
apples, and pears.

What Foods To Avoid:
· Muffins, pizza, bagels, croissants. If you want to look great in a dress, these are foods you absolutely must avoid.
· Bananas and fruit juices, except for pomegranate or blueberry

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