Off Peak Weddings

Who wouldn’t love to have a luxurious wedding on a Weekend or in the Summer/Spring? That dream wedding could be more costly than expected. Why not schedule your wedding in the winter, Friday, Sunday, or even a weekday? Some of the Off Peak wedding months are from November through April. Once the spring season hits say bye bye to a less expensive wedding.

Here are a few reasons on why to have an off peak wedding :

  • There is less competition for dates which gives you better negotiating power.
  • The peak times of the year means that suppliers and venues often are booked out years in advance.
  • If you are working with a strict budget, having a week day wedding is much less expensive then weekend.
  • Choosing a week day for a destination wedding is less expensive and since the guests are already flying to the destination there will be no issues of work as they may need to take off of work already.

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