Panditji Questions

When planning an Indian wedding, the pandit or priest, is one of the most important vendors to book. You may choose a family pandit or a local one that is well known in the community. There are certain questions you need to ask when interviewing and deciding on a pandit to make sure that everyone is on the same page for your wedding.

1. Will we have to provide your travel and accommodations or will you take care of that on your own?

2. Will your have anyone with you (i.e. an assistant)?

3. Does you have a set program that you follow and what is the order of the events?

4. How long is the ceremony? Can he do a shorter ceremony?

5. Do you have to provide the items needed to perform the ceremony or will he bring this?

6. Can we recite our own vows?

7. Does he have a contract- most don’t but it is important to have an agreement in writing to refer to if any questions arise.

8. Do you have to provide travel and accommodations or will he take care of that on his own?

9. Does he need meals provided to him?

10. Can he perform your pre-wedding pujas?