Photo Booth Fun

Photo booths are a fabulous way to entertain guests and capture priceless memories at your wedding reception. You’ll get great pictures that will give you a cool behind-the-scenes look at your own wedding. Photo booths are available for rent, and allow the guests to print out their pictures instantly and take them home. Here are a few photo-booth rental companies for you to explore…..

Video Guestbook by Ish Events (888-340-9190)
This photo-video booth puts a literally meaning to the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This unique photo and video booth allows guest to record a two-minute video message in addition to the usual stills leaving you and your guests entertained. ($799 for 4 hours, including unlimited 4×6 prints)

The Modern Photo-booth (917-386-8747)
Trying to fit all of your friends into a small four-person photo-booth can be rather difficult (if not impossible.) Thus, Kevin Norris has created a solution- a photo-booth that fits 25 people! Packages include unlimited prints, high-res CD, an online gallery, and a guestbook. (from $1,000)

The Majestic Photobooth Co. (800-940-1050)
This classic photo booth is sure to bring out smiles. With its traditional appearance and plush bench seating, guests are given a photo strip as a memorabilia of the night’s festivities. (from $1,195)

NYC Photobooth (800-531-3727)
With four different photo-booth styles to choose from, guests are sure to be pleased. These vintage style photo-booths deliver six images per sheet, which can be customized with the bride and groom’s name’s and wedding date. (from $1,450)

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