Photo Booths

Everyone looks for some sort of entertainment that will be memorable and interactive for their wedding day. Photo booths have become popular in recent years and are always enjoyable no matter what type of event you are hosting.

A photo booth can be set up for the cocktail hour, however this may not allow enough time for all your guests to enjoy it. An ideal time to set it up is after dinner when all the formalities are over so you and your guests can really let loose and have a great time. The rental period can range from 2 to 4 hours, which is enough time for everyone to enjoy.

Sometimes your photographer may offer this service, but if not, you may need to reach out to a photo booth vendor. The average cost is $900- $1800 for a standard 2-4 hours. Here are some details to keep in mind when looking to book a photo booth:

Types of Photo Booths:
1.Classic Photo Booth: Provides a 3-4 picture photo strip and accommodates 1-4 people.

2.Collapsible Photo Booth: Provides a 3-4 picture photo strip and can accommodate 1-6 people. Normally they have curtains set up as the walls of the booth.

3.Back Drop: Normally this service is provided by your photographer.

Details to Ask:
1.Is there an attendant(s) to be with the photo booth all night? If so, how many?

2.Can the photo strips be customized with a logo or the couple’s name? Is there a fee for this?

3.What color options are available for the photo strips (e.g. full color, black and white, and sepia)?

4.Are props included? If not, can they be included and is there an additional charge?

5.Is set up and break down included?

6.Does the host need to provide a meal for the attendant(s)?

7.Does the service come with a cd or thumb drive with all the pictures?

8.Will there be an online gallery?

9.What other options or services are available, (i.e. guest book, extra hours)?

10.Are there unlimited pictures or a contracted amount?

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