The Pluses and Minuses To Having Indoor Fireworks


People often ask us about the safety and risk to having indoor fireworks incorporated into their wedding.  Even though we love the fun and flare that they can add to your special day, there are a few things that have to be kept in mind:

–  Collect all paperwork needed: Check and make sure you have the venue management consent, the venue management or production permit for event, approval of venue compliance with life safety standards, and that all fire protection systems, controls, and equipment are all up to date and working.

–  Check fire fighting equipment: Make sure there is a minimum of 2 approved water fire extinguishers, other fire equipment as needed/required is there, and existing on-site fire fighting equipments and systems are all in check.

–  Double check on your insurance:  Make sure the fireworks you have chosen follow the rules of your venue as well as the venues insurance as well as your own is active.

–  Make sure that you hire professionals: Get a fire marshal, as well as security for your event so that everything can be monitored as needed.

–  Timing is everything: A run through or a rehearsal is sometimes your best bet in making sure everything goes off without a hitch on your wedding day.

–  Use a suitable surface: To ensure the safe use of indoor fireworks, please light them on a suitable surface as recommended in the instructions.

–  Handling indoor sparklers: Sparklers can get up to 5 times hotter than cooking oil, so they must be handled with care.  Ideally, gloves should be worn when handling fireworks.

–  Light fireworks with care: Light fireworks one at a time, using a long taper.  Do not hover over the fireworks when lighting.

–  Ensure each firework is extinguished: After the firework has finished, ensure it has extinguished fully and leave it to cool before disposing of it.  Immerse in water if necessary.

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