Pool Party Décor

Taking inspiration from yesterday’s event in Dubai, this blog will look at the importance of décor in making your pool party amazing!


Pool parties have become more and more common as an organized daytime event in the middle of wedding weekends, giving guests a chance to relax and mingle at the same time. Often these will feature some sort of music, while finger foods and ice-cold drinks will be served to keep spirits high. It is important, however, not to overlook the need for décor, as even some minimal touches will help bring your event to life. While it is certainly more important to allocate the bulk of your décor budget to your larger events, you cannot always rely on the existing venue to provide an aesthetically pleasing backdrop. Whether you choose small accents of color or a fully-fledged themed party that gives you an excuse to really get creative and transform the space, here are some of our favorite ideas: