Professional Staffing for Home Events

When it comes to wedding planning, many families decide to hold a small event at their home before the big day. It may be a religious ceremony, breakfast, or welcome dinner. Regardless of the type of event, it is important to consider and book professional staffing services. Many don’t think about this but when it comes to the day of, if you don’t book this service it is up to you and your family to fulfill the necessary duties such as, greeting guests, cooking, setting up, serving drinks, replenishing the food and beverages, and cleaning up. This is not another home party but part of the wedding festivities and should be planned accordingly to allow you to enjoy the event and be as stress free as possible, as well as allowing it to run smoothly.




Here is a list of staffing that you may require for your home event:


  1. Bartender
  2. Server/ Waiter
  3. Chef
  4. Clean Up
  5. Runner (To Replenish Food)

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