Questions to Ask Decorators


The design of your event is what brings beauty to your big day and truly creates a lasting effect on your guests. Gorgeous floral design has the ability to transform any space and create the day you always imagined. Choosing the right decorator is incredibly important, so make sure to look into at least 2 different décor companies.

Here are some important questions to ask decorators to make sure you choose the right one for you and your budget:

1. How long have you been in the design business?
2. How many events have you designed in the past?
3. Will you schedule other events on the same day as mine?
4. Will you be setting up my décor yourself, or will another designer be doing the arrangements?
5. Have you ever done an Indian wedding before?
6. Are you familiar with the décor used in Indian ceremonies?
7. Can you work within my budget?
8. Can you give me any recommendations to help me maximize my budget? (For example, re-using items from one of my events to another)
9. Are the photos in your portfolio recent?
10. Can you give me an “out-the-door” price (the full amount that you will charge) before I sign the contract?
11. Can you supply me with references of past clients that I can reach out to?
12. Can you do the linen and rentals or just the flowers?
13. How early will you arrive to the venue and if overnight set up is avail will you do that?
14. How many crew members will you bring with you?
15. Have you worked at my venue before? If so, can you show me photos of events from that venue you have done?

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