Questions to Ask a Wedding Planner

Congratulations, you’re engaged! It is time to start planning your big day. Although family members are very helpful during this time, you may want services from a professional. Interviewing wedding planners can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some questions you should ask when looking for your perfect wedding planner, especially one with Indian/South Asian experience.

1. How long have you been a wedding planner? How many Indian/South Asian weddings have you done?


2. What professional organization do you belong to and do you have a diploma? What is your education and professional background?


3. Can we have at least 10 references for you and can we call them? We prefer non friends and non family members to call.


4. Are you a registered business?


5. How do you charge (hourly, flat fee, percentage)?


6. How much will you charge for us for the services we need?

7. Do you collect commission from vendors, what is your policy on this?


8. Are you computer literate? How do you communicate with your brides?


9. Do you have a backup in case of an emergency and can’t make our wedding? Who are they?

10. How will you and your team be dressed?


11. Can you help plan a wedding within our budget?


12. How many brides do you work with within a year? Will you have more than my wedding on the same day?

13. Have you worked at our venue before?


14. What is included with your services and are there any extra fees, i.e. phone calls, emails, taxi receipts, car rental charges?


15. Do you have a preferred vendor list? What is the criterion for someone being on that list?

16. Are you involved with our rehearsal, directing and organizing? Is this included?


17. Can you handle any last minute changes or emergencies?


18. How many meetings will we have and how long will they last?

19. What is the deposit requirement? What is your cancellation policy, will we get any portion or all of the deposit returned if we cancel?


20. Will you meet our vendors and review their contracts?


21. What time to you arrive and leave the day of the wedding?



22. Will there be someone with me, the bride, exclusively? How many other staff members will you bring on the day of?



23. What is your policy on vendor and budget confidentiality? Can you put this in writing?

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