Questions and Tips for Transportation Companies

You should be sure that whichever transportation company that you choose for your wedding is the best of the best. To help you to determine which company to choose here are a few tips and questions to consider while deciding.

  1. Don’t rely on price quotes over the phone. Written proof is always better.
  2. Does the wedding venue provide their own vehicles, or is another company providing the vehicles?
  3. What is the year of the Vehicle you will be using, and are they properly licensed and insured?
  4. Are the Vehicles equipped with GPS Navigation System?
  5. Are tax and gratuity included in the quoted price?
  6. Make sure the contract includes all of the necessary information. Also, make sure that the company does not require a large
 deposit. Once the company has your money, there is not much you can do the day of your wedding if they
 do not show.


Most transport companies are reliable, professional. However, the only way to know you won’t be tricked is to ask the right questions, get the answers in writing and do your research ahead of time.