Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Venue

There is so much more to booking a venue than picking a place that looks great in photos. Before signing any contracts, check out our recommended set of questions to ask your venue prior to booking:
What is the max capacity for your venue?
What happens if fewer guests come than expected? Will I still have to pay for the original count?
How late can guests stay at the venue?
When is the last day to make changes to the booking?
What decor can the venue provide?
Will you provide internet access throughout the event?
What is your cancellation policy?
Are there any restrictions (noise, space, decor, etc.)?
Are there any separate fees (for cleaning, set up, etc.)? Any hidden fees?
Where can guests park? Is there valet parking?
Do you allow outside chefs?
Do you provide in-house wait staff?
Do you provide in-house lighting and production?
Will there be a service attendant in the restrooms?
Is there a force majeure clause in the contract?
If there is something similar to the Coronavirus situation on the wedding date, what is your course of action?
Do you have an in-house AV system?
Who is the best point of contact to follow up with for future questions?

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