Questions for your Transportation Company

Whether you are having a local or destination wedding, there most likely will be guests from out of town.You want to make sure that all of your guests arrive on time and go back safely to celebrate the wonderful occasion with you.

Here are some questions that you should ask any transportation company you are interviewing for your big day:

1. What are the passenger counts for your shuttles/buses?
2.Do you charge by the hour? by the vehicle?
3. What is your safety record?
4. Are you properly insured?
5. Are there discounts for special occasions?
6. How many years has your company been in business?
7. Is each shuttle/bus equipped with a GPS Navigation System?
8. What are the contingency plans if the vehicle(s) were to break down that day?
9. How often will the shuttles/buses run?
10. Do you do drop-off and pick-up services?
11. Are your shuttles air conditioned?
12. How so you select your drivers? What is their uniform on the day of?
13. What is your policy of having water or snacks on the shuttles? Do you provide or do we?
14.What is your policy on leaving personal items in the shuttle/ bus?
15. How would extra charges accrue?