Ring The Alarm

Fire signifies the burning and everlasting flame between a man and a woman but to a venue and a planner this flame represents a list of what ifs and possible emergencies that can ruin anyone’s special day.

There are various occasions and situations that SJS has encountered over the years that might be a problem. Below is a list of some of these issues and how to prevent them so that your big day is a safe day!

For all Indian weddings having an open flame at the Mandap is a big must, however many venues will not allow this. A great way to get around this is to use a votive candle instead of the open flame. This will help contain the size of the fire and prevent from producing a lot of smoke. The last thing you want is for the alarms to go off and your wedding to have to be evacuated!

When planning your décor make sure to talk with your decorator about the linens that they will be using. It is important that all linen is flame retardant. Most centerpieces will have candles and the last thing you want is for one to spill over and your whole table to go up in flames.

As we mentioned before candles are a big part of décor. From centerpieces, to backdrops, to accent décorcandles will be everywhere. Make sure these are all securely placed in all their containers. If doing a backdrop all candles should be securely taped, using LED light might even be a better solution. If using candelabras make sure to use the correct size of candle and that it properly fit in the holder.

Open Flame Food Stations
Live food stations are always a great attraction and fun to see, however they can be a bit dangerous if you get to close. Work closely with your caterer so they take all the necessary precautions. Especially when working with hot oil. It can be dangerous not only to your guests but to the staff as well.

Extra tip: Always keep plenty fire extinguishers on hand in case of any emergencies.

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