What to Say on Your Wedding Website


Creating a personalized wedding website is a great way to communicate all of your information to your guests. Putting as much information as you can in this one central location will be incredibly helpful to your guests. Here are some ideas of what you should think of including on your own wedding website:

Creating different tabs for each of the following headings will keep the website organized and easy to use:


This page will act as the homepage and will provide guests with some general information about the wedding. Mostly, you should use this page to welcome yoru guests to your site, tell them that all of the information they will need can be found here, and express how excited you are for the wedding!

Our Story

Here you can write the personal story of how you two met, and how your relationship grew. Don’t forget to include how he proposed here!

The Events:

Some brides choose to have one event tab and list them all under that, while others opt to do separate tabs for each event. If you would like to do separate tabs, you could do something like this:

Mehendi Event

Make sure to include the date, time, and location of the event. If you have non-Indian guests, you can explain a bit about what Mehendi is and why you are having this. Also make sure to include the dress code for the event here. Make sure to include pictures!

Garba/Sangeet event

Again, include a description of what this event is along with the date, time, location, and what to wear.


This can include a brief overview of the ceremony, including the date, time, and where it will take place. If the location of the ceremony is special to you for personal reasons, this is a great place to explain why. If you are doing two ceremonies (e.g. Indian & American), you can list them both as separate tabs or include them both here. If you are having a traditional Indian ceremony and some of your guests are unfamiliar with the traditions, you could describe Indian Ceremonies a little bit here. Also make sure to include the dress code here.


This is similar to the ceremony tab – just make sure to include the date, time, location, and dress code.

Calendar of Events

If you decided to give each event a separate tab, you can create a “Calendar of Events” tab where you list the complete schedule of events for your weekend. This makes it easy for guests to have all dates, times, and locations in one central location.


If you have already negotiated a group room rate for a specific hotel, you can list the relevant information here with instructions for how your guests can book their rooms under your room block. If not, you can list several nearby lodging options for any guests traveling from out of town.


Here you can put the addresses for all of your venues, as well as directions to them from nearby areas.

Gift Registry

Here you can put links to all of your registry sites.

Guest Book

This is a spot for your guests to write a little something to you two – whether it be how excited they are to come or wishing you two congratulations!

**If you are having a destination wedding, or if you are having a lot of out of town guests, consider adding in the following information:

Travel Information

Be sure to include the location of the local airport, how far it is from the hotel, and any car rental information here. If you have arranged for a shuttle service to the hotel, make sure to include that information here as well.

Local Activities

Here you can list ideas for your guests to do in their free time to enjoy the location of your destination wedding. Some ideas are locations of beaches, information on walking tours, and local restaurants.


All in all, make sure to have fun designing your website!  If you have created a particular brand (whether it be a monogram, color scheme, etc), make sure to include this in your website design. Lastly, don’t forget to include lots of pictures of you two!

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