Seasons for Weddings

As you may know, there is a season for weddings.  In each area of the country the season is different.  For example on the East coast, the peak wedding season is during the summer months May through September.  Whereas on the West coast, the wedding season is January through April during the winter when it’s cooler.  Can you image an outdoor wedding in Texas during the summer?

Since there are different peak wedding timings around the country, you can use that to your advantage. You can hire vendors from different areas of the country for your wedding.  A photographer in New York during the summer will not only be difficult to find but also expensive.  Why not hire a photographer from Arizona or Texas during a summer wedding New York?  They will be more willing to negotiate on pricing since it’s off season for them.  Just remember to factor in travel expense for the vendors when you are negotiating with them since you will be covering their costs.

Hope this helps you with your budget when you’re planning your big day.

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