Serving Lunch and or Breakfast

While serving breakfast and lunch to your guests at the hotel is a very nice touch, the expense can often times can be extremely high. This inevitably takes away from your wedding budget. When our brides us what they should do, we recommend these more affordable options to consider.

  1. Ask the hotel if they can include breakfast for your guests. Get a rate with room and breakfast.
  2. Take your guests out to lunch at a nearby restaurant. This way you will not have to pay the 22% or so hotel service charges.
  3. Consider a hospitality suite where you can bring in your own food and snacks. A hospitality suite allows guests the leisure of coming and going as they please. You can order pizza, subs and bring other items to serve.
  4. Another way to cut down on your cost is to ensure that you are reporting your numbers correctly. Though you may have 100 guests staying at the hotel, it is highly likely that around half of them will have other plans or be unable to make the breakfast/lunch. Thus, in this situation you would report that 50 guests would be attending or half of your assumed amount.

Be sure to consider these factors while planning to serve breakfast and/ or lunch to your guests.

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