From Shital’s Point of View

From Shital’s Point of View

Hi I am Shital. A bit about me. I grew up in Dubai. I got married and moved to New York. New York (the multi-cultural city) and I love the fast paced life. I read this statement once which I think is so true “If you get bored in New York, it is your own fault”.

On the professional front I was an executive assistant for 12 years. I did a lot of corporate events and that is where my interest in event management grew. I was always the go to person for all my family and friends every time they were planning a birthday or a wedding or a baby shower or even a simple dinner at home. From the menu to the music to the decorations I would be involved. I planned all aspects of my own wedding in less than 2 months in Mumbai.

Someone casually mentioned to me that since I enjoyed doing this I should make a career of it. That got me thinking and I decided to test the waters and see what was out there. I came across an intern position at Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants, LLC, and after I met with Sonal and expressed my interest in the position she decided to give me a break. Since then, I have been part of 3 events and have been assisting Sonal with planning many others. The last 6 months have been so satisfying for me professionally and personally as I have the good fortune of doing something I like and its my job.

My last event was a wedding in Birmingham and it was a big scale event wih over 500 guests. The event was grand and spanned over 3 days. At first it was a bit overwhelming but working with Sonal and the girls we had a successful event. T most gratifying moment for me was at the end of the event when the bride and her family came up to us and told us how much they appreciated our efforts. I knew at that moment that this was what I wanted to do and I was here to stay.

I have learned so much from Katherine and Neeti and I thank them for all their help and guidence.

A special thanks to Sonal for giving me this opportunity and letting me be part of this wonderful team. I admire her talent and knowledge of this business and her attention to details. I have learned a lot from her and with each passing day I learn something new.

I look forward to working with you (the reader of this blog) on your special event. I hope my work makes your day special and memorable.

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