Shorter Centerpieces

When it comes to centerpieces, there are many varieties and styles to choose from for weddings. Most brides choose to have tall centerpieces for their tables, but there are some advantages to having shorter centerpieces:

  • ·  Having a shorter centerpiece at your table allows for better view for the guests to see each other and the bride and groom.
  • ·  This could also be more cost efficient for brides on a lower budget. Sometimes having a taller centerpiece means having to spend more per table.
  • ·  If your centerpiece is not too tall, it will be easier for guests to take home with them and enjoy
  • ·  This will also make it easier to donate your centerpieces after your event

Overall, shorter centerpieces are a good alternative, because not only are they practical, but can make your tables look just as beautiful!

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