Sit Down Dinner Timing

A sit down dinner is a very elegant and formal way of presenting your reception dinner. When planning a sit down dinner it is important to keep in mind that there is a lot of timing involved with this type of service. From taking to orders, serving, eating to clearing the plates there is a whole process behind this.

We have been doing a lot of sit down dinner and have come up with a great schedule to follow:

1. We suggest pre setting your salad, this way as soon as guests sit they already have their first course. We like to give guests 15min to eat their salad and estimate that it will take about 15min to clear the plates. During this period its great to do grand entrances and first dance.

2. Keep in mind that all guests must be seated before the staff can start taking dinner orders so they don’t miss anyone. Also make sure to check your venue contract, we suggest at least one server per table to help the services to be quicker and smoother.

3. After dinner orders have been taken your caterer will need anywhere between 1hr-1.5hrs to cook and server your dinner. This is a great time to open the dance floor and get the party started.

4. Onces dinner is served give the staff about 15min to serve and guests 30min to eat. While guests eat feel free to continue your program with speeches, father/daugthter and mother/son dance.

5. At the end of dinner service we suggest doing your cake cutting ceremony and after this open the dance floor for the rest of the night.

6. Serve dessert on a display station, this way guests can keep dancing and enjoy dessert at their own time.

Bon Appetite!

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