St. Barts as a Destination Wedding Location

I really love St. Barts in the Caribbean. We have been getting a flood of calls for destination weddings and this is the perfect location.

St. Bart’s is small beautiful island, a little more than eight square miles. It is considered by many to be the Caribbean’s most beautiful island, with dozens of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and a green, hilly landscape punctuated by numerous lagoons. This creates the illusion of being in a much larger place. The shoreline includes fourteen beaches of various sizes, all covered with gleaming white sand. The climate is arid tropical maritime, which means that it rarely rains, and that year round temperatures range from 72° to 86° Fahrenheit. Average temperatures are 69°F in the winter, and 77°F in the summer. The highest temperatures hover around 86°F in February.

St. Bart’s has more than 20 beaches, St. Bart’s also offers good diving, fishing, boating, and especially windsurfing. Great for guest activities.

One of the best things about St. Bart’s is the quality and variety of the food. St. Bart’s is home to plenty of upscale French and Creole restaurants. Because so many people rent villas here, local markets and take-out shops are also popular options.

As for the nightlife there are a few hot spots like the Le Select bar in Gustavia, and discos and bars like Le Feeling in Lurin and Le Petit Club, Casa Nicky, and the Yacht Club in Gustavia so you can have a relaxed evening over a drink or party the night away.

However, the ultimate St. Bart’s nightlife experience is lingering over a late dinner before retiring to a private villa or hotel. The core value of the island is tranquility which is what makes it a perfect getaway for your Destination Wedding.

Rent a villas for 30 of your closest friends and family and have a wedding your guests will not soon forget.

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