Steps for a Hindu Wedding

This list was made by one of our dear pandits… Pandit Sharma in Philly.
We get so many calls from couples where someone is non Indian about steps to the ceremony.. here it is..

1. Arrival of Baraat (Groom’s Procession)
2. Chandlo Matli
3. Welcome Prayers By Priest
4. Var Puja by Mother of the Bride (Welcome Prayers for the groom)
5. Dulha Aagaman (Arrival of Groom)
6. Antarpat
7. Dulhan Aagaman (Arrival of Bride)
8. Jaimala (Exchanging of Garlands)
9. Madhuparka Vidhi (Nectar Offering)
10. Shuddhi (Purification) and Agni Puja (Prayers with Fire)
11. Paani Grahan
12. Hasta Milaap
13. Granthi Bandhan (Tying of Knots)
14. Mangal Phere (Circling of Sacred Fire)
15. Laja Hom (Bridge of Love)
16. Saptpadi (Seven Steps)
17. Ring Exchange
18. Sindoor & Mangal Sutra
19. Kansar Bhakshan (Exchange of Sweets)
20. Akhand Soubhagyawati (Blessings from Married Women)
21. Proclamation of Wedding & Blessings
22. Gath Chodi (Untie the knot)
23. Greetings and Announcment of the Newlywed

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