How to have a successful outdoor wedding:


This year’s summer season may be behind us but the planning for 2015’s summer weddings is already in full swing! So many of our brides like to take full advantage of the beautiful warm weather and stage spectacular outdoor ceremonies which gives them the opportunity to add an additional location to their events. Although it is true that outdoor venues make for beautiful photos, it is essential to take a range of other factors into consideration, from the weather to the wildlife, and seriously evaluate your ability to handle them all. Failing to plan for any number of things can really create a bad atmosphere and have your guests remembering your events for all the wrong reasons.


If you’re considering getting married outside, planning for some of these provisions will surely keep your guests happy:

Water stations  – it is important to keep everyone hydrated and since alcohol is dehydrating be sure to serve a variety of teas, flavored and iced water.

Hand-held fans – these can be laid out on every chair before the ceremony starts in order to keep guests comfortable in the hot weather. Paper or battery operated, they could be color coordinated to match your décor or even multi-purposed and created out of your wedding program!

Parasols – leave a basket of these at the entrance to the ceremony in order to provide some much needed shade in venues where this is lacking

Suncream – leave a few bottles at the entrance to your venue to allow guests to stay protected from the sun’s strong rays


Bug Repellent – there is nothing worse than flying bugs to kill the mood or distract a guest. Ensure you remain the main focus of the day by providing sprays or citronella candles to keep the unwanted visitors at bay.

Sunshine –  consider timing your outdoor event for sunset to avoid a sunshine glare or provide sunglasses as wedding favors to keep all eyes on you.