A Summer Cocktail Hour

Summer time is almost here and many brides want to have their events take place outside. Be very careful with this. Many think since there is no snow and the temperature is warmer, it’s a best to host the cocktail hour outdoors. We recommend bride’s have this indoors, especially if the ceremony is outdoors, to give your guests a break from the sun and heat. Although the summer brings warmer weather, there are other issues to be concerned about. Extreme heat, humidity and rain can make any event unpleasant and put a damper on the festivities. If it is hot, you have to worry about food being affected and possibly spoil if out in the heat too long. Another issue is cocktail hour music and finding the appropriate power source for the musician or dj. If your event begins in the evening, you have to find or provide a light source to keep the outdoor area lit for guests. Men are usually dressed in Suits or Tuxedos…again.. making it even warmer for them. We suggest finding a compromise and host cocktail hour indoors with a view or an option for your guests to go out on a balcony on their own. To be safe and make your guests comfortable we suggest hosting your cocktail hour indoors.

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