Table, Linen and Dance Floor Sizes To Match Your Guest Count


It is important to make sure that your wedding has enough space for everyone to enjoy themselves comfortably without allotting too much space that the venue looks empty. It is also important to ensure that everything fits perfectly together, like tables and linens. It is more difficult than it may seem to select the correct tables sizes, linen sizes and dance floor sizes. Here are some tips to help you along the way of planning your wedding day.

Table sizes and linen sizes:

36” round sits 4 guests – 96” round linen (to the floor)

60” round sits 10 guests – 120” round linen (to the floor)

66” round sits 10 guests – 132” round linen (to the floor)

72” round sits 12 guests – 132” round linen (to the floor)

2 – 6’ long tables sits 10 guests – 90” X 132“

2 – 8’ long tables sits 12 guests – 90” X 156“

Dance Floor Sizes:

24 X 24 for a guest count up to 300 guests

32 X 32 for a guest count of 300 – 400 guests

36 X 36 for a guest count of 400 – 800 guests

42 X 42 for a guest count of 800 or more guests

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