Table set up

When it comes to wedding trends, one of our favorites is mixing square,round tables, rectangle tables and “X” tables for the reception.
The shape and the style in which the tables are arranged define the décor of the reception.

A square table offers a sense of dining intimacy that is missing from the vastness of a round table. It can be placed in the center of a room, against a wall or in a corner. In addition, a square shape gives you more usable space and is fun.

Long tables are different and give the wedding a European/ Italian-style dining feel. It also creates a family feel where everyone is next to each other.

Round tables give the guests a sense of unity.

Whether they are small, oval or round tables, they are very elegant and normally offered by all venues. Tables can be strewn across the ballroom or arranged in small clusters such that conversation is not constrained.

But, the latest, hottest trend to take center stage is this X shaped table. It makes a fun area where about 80 guests can sit together. The X table really adds that sophisticated touch and also is very unique.

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